About the RAAF
RAAF Vision
One team - swift, decisive, resilient and respected.
RAAF Values
The values by which RAAF personnel live and work.
RAAF Ranks
Ranks and special insignia of the Royal Australian Air Force.
RAAF Badge
In 1937 the newly appointed Chester Herald, John Heaton-Armstrong, was commissioned to prepare a design for a RAAF badge, which was finally accepted in 1939.
RAAF Ensign
The Royal Australian Air Force Ensign was approved in its current form by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 1981.
RAAF Ranks
When the Royal Australian Air Force was formed on 31 March 1921, it adopted the existing red, white and blue Roundel of the Royal Air Force to identify the aircraft.
On 20 December 2001 the Chief of Air Force formally standardised the Royal Australian Air Force's public 'signature' logo format – a combination of the RAAF Roundel as the 'O' within the customised logo and the text of Air Force in the Air Force blue colour.
RAAF Air Power Development Centre
The Air Power Development Centre provides practical and effective analysis and advice on the strategic development of air and space power.
RAAF Ranks
The General Purpose Uniform (GPU) provides a unique and easily identifiable Air Force presence to the Australian Defence and civilian community, consistent with the Royal Australian Air Force’s distinctive identity and still effective in meeting service requirements.
The Chief of Air Force has launched his Commander's Intent under six priorities.