No. 34 Squadron
Formed on 23 February 1942 in Darwin
No. 34 Squadron

The geographic size of Australia, and the role of Australia (both in the Asia-Pacific region and further abroad), requires the Australian Government to possess a fast, reliable and professional air transport capability. This is to both respond to the needs of Government as well as emerging events within the region.

No. 34 Squadron provides a professional air transport capability to the Australian Government, Governor General, visiting heads of state and dignitaries.It is proud of its role in allowing Australia to take its place on the world stage, as well as connecting the people of Australia with their politicians, leaders, and visiting dignitaries.

No. 34 Squadron is also utilised as a contingency transport for Defence when necessary, such as during times of crisis or humanitarian emergencies.This was demonstrated as part of Defence's wider response to the 2011 Queensland Floods, when No. 34 Squadron provided key transport of Government and Defence members as the disaster unfolded.

In 2011, No. 34 Squadron was recognised with the Duke of Gloucester Cup during the Annual Air Force Awards. The Duke of Gloucester Cup is presented within the Royal Australian Air Force to the most proficient flying squadron. This recognises the professionalism and ability of No. 34 Squadron's work, which is often under closer scrutiny than many other RAAF flying units due to the nature of its work.

The Squadron is equipped with two Boeing Business Jets and three Challenger CL-604 aircraft used to provide this service.

In the past 12 months alone, No. 34 Squadron has supported such high-profile initiatives as the 2011 Federal Election, 2011 Royal Tour by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II (whose first flight with No. 34 Squadron was in 1963), and 2011 Royal Tour by His Royal Highness Prince William Duke of Cambridge, and Frederick, Crown Prince of Denmark, with Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark. No. 34 Squadron was also a critical element to the 2011 visit to Australia by President of the United States Barack Obama whilst on the ground at Defence Establishment Fairbairn.

No. 34 Squadron has provided transport for the Australian Government since 1959, however special purpose aircraft have operated in support of the Australian Government and the Governor General since 1945.