No.395 Expeditionary Combat Support Wing
Ground Support Wing of the RAAF
No. 95 Wing

The Royal Australian Air Force's No. 95 Wing provides the Air Force and Combat Support Group with the lead in the development of the expeditionary role and provides a diverse range of combat support and fixed base services. 95WG, along with 96WG, also provides the capability to activate and support aerospace operations from forward or deployed locations to meet contingency requirements.

The wing's role includes command and control of airbase and fixed base services, force protection, security and emergency response, local airspace management, airbase communications and navigation aids, aeromedical staging and evacuation, and a range of airbase supply and flightline services.

HQ395ECSW is the Wing Headquarters for 11 subordinate units and squadrons, making the unit (along with 396ECSW) one of the largest in the Air Force. The units and squadrons include two Expeditionary Combat Support Squadrons, two Airfield Defence Squadrons and seven Combat Support Units.

The two Expeditionary Combat Support Squadrons are:

  • No 381 Expeditionary Combat Support Squadrons (381ECSS) at RAAF Base Williamtown, Newcastle
  • No 382 Expeditionary Combat Support Squadrons (382ECSS) at RAAF Base Amberley, Brisbane

The two Airfield Defence Squadrons are:

  • No 1 Airfield Defence Squadron (1AFDS) at RAAF Base Edinburgh, Adelaide
  • No 2 Airfield Defence Squadron (2AFDS) at RAAF Base Amberley, Brisbane

The seven Combat Support Units (CSU) are:

  • CSU Amberley (CSU AMB), Brisbane
  • CSU Williamtown (CSU WLM), Newcastle
  • CSU Richmond (CSU RIC), Sydney
  • CSU East Sale (CSU ESL), Gippsland, Victoria
  • CSU Williams (CSU WIL), Laverton, Victoria
  • CSU Wagga (CSU WAG), Wagga, NSW
  • CSU Glenbrook (CSU GBK), Blue Mountains, NSW

HQ 395ECSW (formerly HQ Operational Support Group) was established in May 1998.