Selection for Flight Screening Program

Selection Process

The Flight Screening Program compares applicants from across Australia.  ADF Pilot Selection Agency staff select applicants to undertake the program based on:

  • pilot aptitude
  • commissioning test scores
  • recommendations by the psychologist and recruiting officer

This process is based entirely on material received from Defence Force Recruiting and does not require another interview. The ADF Pilot Selection Agency receives more applications than there are flight screening positions, therefore gaining a position on a flight screening course is competitive. To make themselves as competitive as possible candidates should ensure that the most up-to-date information is passed to Defence Force Recruiting for inclusion in their dossiers prior to them being sent to the ADF Pilot Selection Agency. Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) applicants are considered separately to Direct Entry Officer applicants, so they can compete for courses during school and uni holidays.

Selected applicants will be allocated to the next available Flight Screening Program course (preferably that nominated at the recruiting stage). Applicants who are selected are informed in writing. Travel will be organised by Defence Force Recruiting or, for in-Service applicants, their Career Management Agency.

Some applicants will have to start or even complete specialist medicals prior to attending Flight Screening Program due to the short period between the end of their course and possible appointment to the ADF. These tight time-lines will be advised to Defence Force Recruiting well in advance.

The Flight Screening Program

The Flight Screening Program is a flying-based assessment of ADF pilot candidates conducted at the BAE Systems Training Academy at Tamworth. The program is divided into three streams: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. Candidates are paneled to one of these streams dependant on previous flying experience.

Courses are conducted on the CT-4B aircraft.  The courses encompass roughly 10 hours of flight time and are two weeks in duration. At least three different instructors will fly with a candidate, in order to gain a solid insight into that individual's potential.

The profiles are designed to investigate an applicant's suitability for the airborne environment with particular emphasis on suitability for subsequent training as a military pilot. The ADF Pilot Selection Agency relies heavily on the qualitative assessments of applicants made by Flight Screening Program instructors, in particular:

  • demonstrated rate of learning
  • ability to respond to instruction
  • personal application
  • motivation
  • maturity

On the last day of this two-week flying program, applicants are interviewed by the Officer Selection Board to assess overall suitability for entry into the ADF as a pilot.