RAAF Veterans' Residences Trust was established by a Commonwealth Act on 12 December 1953 for the purpose of providing residences for former members of the Air Force and their families who are in necessitous circumstances.

The capital of the Trust was created from a prize captured by Commonwealth Air Forces during World War II. The Air Force share of the prize money amounted to $458,000. Over the years, this money has been invested and applied to obtain 76 residences throughout Australia. They are located in: Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Hobart.

The residences generally comprises a one or two-bedroom unfurnished but self-contained unit.

The Trustees meet about four times each year, generally around March, June, September and December. The Trust prepares an annual report to Parliament and this is despatched to the Minister, currently the Minister assisting the Minister for Defence, before 15 October.


Further information about the operation of the Trust, including eligibility and Applications for Tenancy (60K PDF), and tenancy can be obtained from:

RAAF Veterans' Residences Trust

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RAAF Williams

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