Under the provisions of the Royal Australian Air Force Veterans' Residences Act 1953, "eligible person" means:

  • a former member of the Royal Australian Air Force;
  • the widow of a deceased former male member of the Royal Australian Air Force;
  • the mother of a deceased former unmarried male member of the Royal Australian Air Force, if the mother:
    • is a widow and was dependent on the former member at the time of his appointment to, or enlistment in, the Royal Australian Air Force; or
    • is a married woman whose husband is so incapacitated as to be unable to contribute materially to her support; or
  • a former member of the Royal Australian Air Force Nursing Service or of the Women's Auxiliary Australian Air Force.

Persons to be accommodated are determined by the Trustees on the basis of their eligibility and degree of need. The Trustees have set the rental at a percentage of income - with the percentage varying depending upon eligibility

In each state except Victoria, the Trust has appointed an advisory panel which advises the Trustees on prospective tenants, tenant problems and building needs. In addition, real estate agents have been appointed in some states to collect rents and to provide management services for building maintenance.

The advisory panels in each state are closely associated with ex-Service organisations and it is from this relationship that the majority of applications for accommodation are generated. The applications are forwarded to the Secretary of the Trust and are processed and held pending vacancies.

The Trust does not provide either welfare or medical services and it does not make cash grants or loans to individuals.

If you would like to request the Trust's assistance, please complete the pdf icon image Application for Tenancy (60kb) and return it to the Trust's office.

More information is available on our frequently-asked questions page.