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Aircraft in Storage

Not all of the aircraft at the RAAF Museum are on display, some are in storage or are undergoing restoration. Below is a list of part of the museum's aircraft collection. For a complete listing of all of the types of aircraft used by the RAAF, visit our Research page.

Please note that tours of the Museum's Reserve Collection and storage areas are not available.

CAC Wirraway | Douglas Dakota | Gloster Meteor T 7 A77-702 | Gloster Meteor T 7 A77-705 | Gloster Meteor F 8 A77-870 | Sikorsky S-51Dragonfly | GAF Canberra | CAC Winjeel | Lockheed Neptune A89-302 | Lockheed Neptune A89-275 | North American Harvard | Lockheed Ventura | DH Vampire

CAC Wirraway A20-561

Received into RAAF Service on 24 December 1944, A20-687 initially received modifications at Nos 1 and 7 Aircraft Depot before being placed into storage at Tocumwal, New South Wales, during May 1945. more..

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Douglas Dakota A65-078

Built in California, the RAAF Museum's Douglas Dakota is one of 124 previously operated by the RAAF. This aircraft, A65-78, was first received  more..

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Gloster Meteor T 7 A77-702

A77-702 arrived direct from the UK at Iwakuni, Japan, for use by No 77 Squadron's pilots converting from Mustangs to Meteors in the Korean War, starting in May 1951 .   more..

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Gloster Meteor T 7 A77-705

Built in 1950 as WA680, the aircraft originally served with the Royal Air Force's No 47 Maintenance Unit before transfer to the RAAF in 1955. Received at No 1 Aircraft Depot in November 1955 .   more..

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Gloster Meteor F 8 A77-870

Received from the United Kingdom in January 1953, A77-870 was held still cased by both No 19 Wing and No 2 Aircraft Depot until 1955, when it was assembled and tested before issue to No 78 Wing   more..

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Sikorsky S-51 Dragonfly A80-374

The second helicopter operated by the RAAF, A80-374 was received at No 2 Aircraft Depot on 17 May 1951, and on completion of servicings was issued to the Aircraft Research and Development Unit.   more..

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GAF Canberra A84-236

After retrofitment of modifications at GAF, A84-236 was delivered to No 1 Aircraft Depot on 23 October 1957, and after initial servicings and inspections was allotted to No 82 Wing in April 1958. .   more..

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CAC Winjeel A85-618

The first prototype of the Australian designed and built Winjeel basic trainer, A85-618 began its career in the hands of its manufacturer, CAC, for flight test and modification until the basic design had been proven.   more..

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Lockheed Neptune A89-275

Received from Lockheed, USA, on 29 March 1962, A89-275 was taken on charge by No 10 Squadron at Townsville, Queensland. In June 1962, the aircraft was flown to No 2 Aircraft Depot for modifications   more..

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Lockheed Neptune A89-302

Built originally as a P2V-4 and upgraded on the production line to P2V-5 standards, A89-302 was received at No 1 Aircraft Depot from the USA on 23 November 1951, serialled A89-595.   more..

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North American Harvard NZ1034

Built under a RAF contract as EX589, and under arrangements for the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan, NZ1034 was delivered to the Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF) at Hobsonville on 20 April 1943.   more..

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Lockheed Ventura VH-SFF

Originally built to a US Navy contract as BuAer 33369, VH-SFF rolled off the production line of the Vega Airplane Company at Burbank, California, USA, in 1943. Transferred to the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF)   more..

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de Havilland Vampire T Mk 35 A79-636

First flying in February 1959, A79-636 entered service with No 2 Operational Conversion Unit to convert pilots to the Sabre fighter. In August 1962, the aircraft was transferred to the Central Flying School   more..

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