What standard of fitness do I need to be at on arrival at 1RTU?

You must be able to achieve the fitness requirements that are detailed in your Joining Instructions.
The standards detailed in your Joining Instructions are the minimum. It is recommended that you prepare yourself before arriving at 1RTU so that you can achieve well above these minimum standards.

When and how often will I be able to eat?

There are three meals supplied per day. During the week breakfast will be at 6am (0600), lunch at 1130am and dinner at 5pm (1700). These times are slightly later on the weekends.  

What sort of food is available at the mess? What about specific diets (vegan, halal etc)?

You will be asked if you have any specific dietary requirements in the first day, these will be catered for whenever possible. The mess (where you eat) routinely caters for vegetarian, halal etc.

How often will I be able to speak to my friends/family?

Depending on the stage of training your access to your personal mobile phones will change. Normally you will be able to phone family and friends each evening (except when on field activities), however the amount of time allowed on the phone will be firmly governed commencing with half an hour and increasing in line with earned privileges 

How often will I be doing PT?

PT will usually be conducted two or three times per week dependant on the stage of training.  

What is a typical day like?

A typical day will depend largely on the stage of training you are at. Normally recruit working days will have you wake at around 5am (0500) and lights out will usually be 10pm (2200). The day may consist of PT, drill, classroom lessons, weapons training, field activities or any combination of those. You will be busy every working day.  

Will I have to wash/iron/sew my own clothes?

Yes, everyone is responsible for the laundering and ironing of their own clothes. You will be required to sew name labels onto your uniforms so having a basic skill level of hand sewing would be beneficial. 

How much should I know about the Air Force and it's history before I come to 1RTU?

It is not essential to have an in depth understanding of the Air Force and its history, however you may choose to do some research prior to arriving.

What is the lights out time during the week?

During the week lights must be out at 10pm (2200) 

What time do I have to get up usually during the week?

During the week recruits will normally get up at 5am (0500) 

Will I have my weekends to myself?

After the first couple of weekends you will be given some stand down time and when earned you will be allowed to go off the base. You should not expect to be able to leave the base for recreation before the first 4 or 5 weeks of training. 

Will I be able to have overnight leave on the weekends?

Overnight leave is only usually granted to the most senior recruits who have earned that privilege and normally this is only in the weekend prior to graduation. In compelling or compassionate circumstances leave may be granted earlier.  

Will there be a place for me to go to church? or to pray?

Yes, church services of several denominations are available weekly. If your religion has more stringent or frequent requirements they will be accommodated as much as possible. Please inform your course staff as early as possible.  

Will there be tutors available after hours to help me study?

There is not usually any staff available for tutoring after hours. In particular circumstances where a recruit is struggling to progress at the required standard additional training will be provided.

What will happen if I can not pass some assessments?

If a recruit is unable to achieve a satisfactory result in an assessment such as knowledge, weapons, drill, attitude etc they may be removed from course and placed onto a later course (if available) or placed into Rehabilitation and Mentoring Section (RMS) to receive further training before being re-coursed.

Is there a cafe I can get a coffee from during the day?

No there is no cafe at 1RTU however there are coffee facilities available for after hours use.

Will it be like Full Metal Jacket, Heartbreak Hill or any other American army/marine style movie?

No, definitely not. At 1RTU the focus is graduating airmen who embody the Defence Force values and are efficient and ethical members.  

Is there a public phone on base?

No there is no public phone available on the base. 

Will I be able to carry my mobile phone with me during the day?

Normally recruits are not able to carry or access their mobile phones during the day, however in exceptional circumstances it may be permitted. 

What will happen to me if I get injured on course?

If you sustain an injury that does not impact on your ability to continue training then you will remain on course and receive the appropriate medical treatment. If your injury prevents you from being able to continue your training then you will be removed from course and placed in Rehabilitation and Mentoring Section (RMS) where you will receive any required treatment. In RMS the aim is to work with recruits and any medical/specialist staff to enable the member to be rehabilitated and return to training.  

Can my parents come to see me during the weekends?

Recruits are not able to have visitors on base until they have earned the "Intermediate" status.  You must not expect to be able to have visitors for at least the first 7 or 8 weeks of course.

My friends/parents/other half are serving members, what impact will this have on our interactions?

You will need to submit paperwork requesting interactions with serving members (including phone calls, personal visits, social media etc). There are rules governing the interactions however most recruits are able to continue their personal relationships with friends and family with little impact.

Will I have enough time to finish off my security pack and other paperwork?

Yes there is sufficient personal administration time built into the course to allow you to complete these types of tasks. 

How much experience do I need to have with computers to complete the course?

A basic level of computer literacy would be advantageous but not essential. Your knowledge assessments will be conducted on computers whilst at 1RTU. 

Is there an ATM at 1RTU?

No there is no ATM at 1RTU, however there is an ATM located on the base. 

How far is it to the nearest shops?

The nearest supermarket is located approximately 5 minutes walk from the base. The township of Wagga is approximately 9km from the base. As a recruit you will automatically become a member of the Middleton VC Club at 1RTU, this club has a small convenience store that is open several days a week to purchase essential items. The Middleton VC Club also has vending machines, recreational facilities, TVs, internet enabled computers etc. What facilities you can access and when is governed by the stage of training and ability to perform to the required standard.

What will happen if I can't pass my IFA in the first week?

Members who are unable to pass the Initial Fitness Assessment in the first week (including any re-sit attempts) will be removed from course and placed into Rehabilitation and Mentoring Section (RMS) to work on their fitness.  Members who are unable to pass an IFA after a specified time frame in RMS may be considered for termination from the Air Force.