Bomber Command Association Veterans with members of the Royal Australian Air Force.

Famous Airmen

Vice-Regal Appointments

  • Air Commodore Sir Hughie Edwards (Pilot) - Governor of Western Australia
  • Air Marshal Sir Colin Hannah (Pilot) - Governor of Queensland
  • Air Marshal Sir James Rowland (Pilot) - Governor of New South Wales
  • Flight Lieutenant Sir Walter Campbell (Pilot) - Governor of Queensland


  • Air Vice-Marshal Bill Bostock (Pilot) - Member of Parliament
  • Flight Lieutenant Thomas Drake-Brockman (Tail Gunner) - Minister for Air
  • Flight Lieutenant Dudley Erwin (Navigator) - Minister for Air
  • Flight Lieutenant David Fairbairn (Pilot) - Minister for Air
  • Flight Lieutenant John Gorton (Pilot) - Prime Minister of Australia
  • Group Captain Bob Halverson (Logistics) - Speaker of the House of Representatives
  • Wing Commander Trevor Kaine (Logistics) - Chief Minister of the Australian Capital Territory
  • Squadron Leader Jackie Kelly (Legal) - Minister for Sport
  • Leading Aircraftman Clarrie Millar (Communications) - Member of Parliament
  • Flight Lieutenant Edward Gough Whitlam (Navigator) - Prime Minister of Australia
  • Group Captain Raymond Garrett (Pilot) - President of the Victorian Legislative Council (1968-76)
  • Aircraftman 2 Frederick Thomas (Pilot) - Lord Mayor of Melbourne
  • Group Captain John Waddy (Pilot) - New South Wales Member of Parliament
  • Flight Sergeant Sir Dennis Killen (Aircrew) - Minister for Defence


  • Group Captain Robert Douglas (Legal) - Queensland Supreme Court Judge
  • Air Vice-Marshal Michael Helsham (Pilot/Legal) - New South Wales Supreme Court Judge
  • Flying Officer Clarrie Hermes (Communications) - Australian Capital Territory Chief Magistrate
  • Air Commodore Philip Opas (Legal) - Defence Council for Ronald Ryan (last man hanged in 1967)
  • Flight Lieutenant Hubert Opperman (Administration & Special Duties) - Cabinet Minister and Ambassador
  • Wing Commander George Pape (Administration & Special Duties) - Victorian Supreme Court Judge

Business and Industry

  • Wing Commander Sir Lawrence Wackett (Pilot) - Managing Director Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation
  • Wing Commander Jack Davenport (Pilot) - Company Director Monier Ltd (1946-82)


  • Air Commodore (Honorary) Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith (Pilot) - Australian Aviation Pioneer
  • Air Marshal Sir Richard Williams (Pilot) - Director-General of Civil Aviation
  • Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston (Pilot) - Chairman of Air Services Australia
  • Air Vice-Marshal Margaret Staib (Logistics) - Chief Executive Officer of Air Services Australia


  • Aircraftman 1 Norman Bartlett (Trainee) - Film Maker
  • Sergeant Bruce Dawe (Education Assistant) - Poet, Academic and Composer
  • Flying Officer Chips Rafferty (Administration & Special Duties) - Actor
  • Leading Aircraftman Jack Wong Sue (Intelligence) - Author and West Australian businessman
  • Flight Lieutenant Charles 'Bud' Tingwell (Pilot) - Actor


  • Wing Commander Andrew 'Nicky' Barr (Pilot) - Australian Rugby Player
  • Wing Commander Matt Hall (Pilot) - Red Bull Air Racer
  • Flight Sergeant Keith Miller (Pilot) - Australian Test Cricketer / St Kilda Footballer
  • Leading Aircraftman Tom Raudonikis (Airframe Fitter) - Australian Rugby League Icon
  • Squadron Leader Stanley Sismey (Pilot) - Australian Test Cricketer
  • Flight Lieutenant Lionel van Praag (Pilot) - World Speedway Champion