No. 1 Recruit Training Unit Join instructions 

The course is a fully-catered residential training course. It is strongly recommended that you commence a fitness program prior to enlistment. You can check the Defence recruiting website for information on fitness, and the 1RTU fitness section on this page.

Recruits are  transported to RAAF Base Wagga, as described in the Joining Instructions.

You should not make travel plans or financial commitments for immediately after the course in case you require additional training. You may invite a small group of family and friends to your graduation.

The Joining Instructions aim to provide recruits and their families with enough information to ensure personal affairs are adequately arranged before enlistment in the Air Force, and to give recruits an idea of what can be expected on course.  Please read the instructions carefully, give a copy to your family, and ensure that you complete all your preparations well in advance of your enlistment date.  If you have any questions regarding the joining instructions you can call Defence Force Recruiting on 13 09 01