Air Command Headquarters

Air Command's mission is to raise, train and sustain Air Force's air and space power to meet Government objectives.

The Air Commander Australia is responsible to the Chief of Air Force for effectively preparing air combat forces.

Air Command Headquarters coordinates Air Force operations. Headquarters staff help the Air Commander control the activities of six Force Element Groups:

  • Air Combat Group: One of the largest Force Element Groups, responsible for commanding fast-jet combat aircraft to control the air and conduct precision strike.
  • Air Mobility Group: Another large Force Element Group, responsible for delivering personnel, cargo and equipment where it needs to go.
  • Air Warfare Centre: An integrated workforce of Air Force, Army, Navy, Australian Public Service and Defence Industry personnel who ensure a modern Air Force that can operate effectively in the information age.
  • Combat Support Group: The largest Force Element Group, responsible for aircraft support services on forward operating bases and Air Force bases across Australia.
  • Surveillance and Response Group: Responsible for all air surveillance assets, maritime warfare, and aerospace, surveillance and battlespace management.
  • Air Force Training Group: Trains Air Force and selected personnel from Navy, Army and overseas Defence Forces, and supports Air Force public relations activities.