Australian Defence Force Academy Officer Cadets receive their General Purpose Uniform

General Purpose Uniform

The General Purpose Uniform (GPU) provides a unique and easily identifiable Royal Australian Air Force presence to the Australian Defence and civilian community. It is consistent with the Air Force's distinctive identity while effectively meeting service requirements.

The Air Force GPU was officially launched by the Chief of Air Force on 1 March 2014 at the Centenary of Military Aviation Air Show at RAAF Williams. It replaced the camouflage uniforms, similar to those worn by Army, for general base duties and in non-warlike environments such as humanitarian efforts. Specialist uniforms are provided for specific musterings or categories such as aircrew, cooks and Ground Defence personnel.

The GPU is for general purposes only and is not intended for camouflage. The blue and grey colours reflect Air Force colours, as seen in our Service Dress uniforms, Ensign, airframes and airfields.