Flight Lieutenant Justin Hayter from the Roulettes of Central Flying School, team of 2022.
Flight Lieutenant Justin Hayter, 37, grew up in Lismore, NSW. From age 6, he was determined to be an Air Force pilot, influenced by his dad who was a keen aerobatic pilot. He joined the Air Force in 2005 and graduated from 210 Pilots Course in 2008, flying the PC9/A.
Justin posted to No. 10 Squadron and flew the AP-3C Orion for 5½ years. Half this time was spent deployed on operations ranging from Australian maritime border protection to surveillance and anti-piracy in the Middle East. He enjoyed the challenges and camaraderie of these adventures with skilled crewmates.
Justin began instructing in 2014 when posted to the Air Force Institute of Aviation Medicine. His development in aerospace and operational physiology included training at the USAF School of Aerospace Medicine. He gets his kicks putting students through hypoxia in the hypobaric chamber, high-g in the centrifuge and spatial disorientation!
In 2017, Justin became a Qualified Flying Instructor and began instructing trainee pilots on the PC9/A and PC21 at No. 2 Flying Training School. Since 2021, he has been training flying instructors at Central Flying School. This is Justin’s first Roulette season.
When not strapped to a PC21, Justin devotes time to knowing God, loving his faithful wife and three delightful kids, and mentoring others. He enjoys music, and looks forward to one day having more time to write and produce his own!