Air Force training at RAAF Base Learmonth

79SQN and 2FTS from RAAF Base Pearce located in Perth, will deploy personnel and aircraft to RAAF Base Learmonth for four weeks of training exercises.
The exercises are aimed at increasing pilots’ skills including formations, aerobatics, and low and circuit flying in unfamiliar and less restrictive airspace.


Exercise Western Phoenix

23 October –
8 November

79SQN exercise for No. 68 Introductory Fighter Course – Hawk 127 Lead-In-Fighters

Exercise Capricorn Sunset

6 – 22 November

2FTS exercise for No. 261 Advanced Pilots’ Course – Pilatus PC-21s

Air Force would like to advise the community that all flying activities are subject to variables such as weather and operational availability.

Noise reduction and the environment are vital considerations in the planning and conduct of training activities and Air Force appreciates the ongoing support of the Exmouth community during these training activities.