No. 92 Wing to exercise Freedom of Entry to the city of Salisbury

On Friday 5 November, No. 92 Wing personnel will exercise RAAF Base Edinburgh’s Right of Freedom of Entry to the City of Salisbury for the first time in 12 years.
The medieval tradition is the highest honour a city can bestow on a military unit, with the base first granted the right of Freedom of Entry on 26 March 1988 and first exercised on 21 November 2009.
DATE:          Friday, 5 November 2021
TIME:           From 11.45AM – Details in table below.                                                    
LOCATION: Salisbury, South Australia
Group Captain John Grime, Officer Commanding No. 92 Wing, will lead a march of over 40 aviators from Pioneer Park.
Heading south down Commercial Street, on to John Street
The traditional Freedom of Entry Challenge will be made by the Officer in Charge, Northern District South Australia Police, Superintendent Guy Buckley.
Adjacent the Salisbury Community Hub, John Street
A traditional smoking ceremony will take place by the RAAF Base Edinburgh Indigenous Liaison Officer to cleanse the squadron for inspection by the Mayor of Salisbury and entry to the Council Chambers.
Salisbury Community Forecourt, John Street
The event will commemorate 100 years of Air Force service and mark RAAF Base Edinburgh’s close association with the City of Salisbury and South Australia. No. 92 Wing was formed at RAAF Base Edinburgh in 1977 and currently operates the P-8A Poseidon aircraft.
This event will be conducted in line with all relevant local heath guidelines and restrictions.
Images of the event will become available after the event on the Defence Image Gallery.