Air Command directorate achieves a coaching first

Corporal Melinda Cannavo, of Headquarters Air Command, briefs participants of the Organic Leadership Program at RAAF Glenbrook.

Headquarters Air Command Logistics directorate has achieved a first for an Air Force organisation with the development of team-wide coaching charter.

Personnel across all ranks from the Logistics directorate at RAAF Glenbrook developed the document to facilitate and drive proactive coaching techniques after participation in a Coaching 101 Workshop.

Corporal Melinda Cannavo, the directorate’s Local Site Administrator, said the one-day course and the ensuing Coaching Charter would ensure personnel in the high-tempo directorate could contribute to their full potential.

“As a directorate we completed a Coaching 101 workshop and at the end we decided to develop a Coaching Charter that outlined the coaching techniques and tools that we could sign up to and commit to using in our workplace,” CPL Cannavo said.

“Development of the charter spanned all ranks in the team so that we could all have the chance to equally contribute to its creation as well as its implementation.

“In signing the charter, we all agree to focus on giving everyone the chance to be their best in their role and provide opportunities to help each other develop as Air Force and APS members.”

Coaching 101 facilitator, Group Captain (GPCAPT) Karon Millett, said the Coaching Charter outlines what principles they will follow to support coaching and how they will implement it into the workplace.

“Coaching techniques and tools such as Active Listening, asking open questions, setting SMART goals and helping people to come up with own plans to achieve their goals helps create a culture that fosters innovation and empowerment,” GPCAPT Millett said.

“People capability is key to Air Force achieving its Fifth Generation goals and also allow us to contribute strongly in the joint domain.

“ACAUST has reinforced a commitment to a coaching culture as an important and necessary step in the transition to a Fifth-Generation Air Force during his Commanders Call in October and Theme 2 of Plan Jericho intends to develop an innovative and empowered workforce.”