Air Force Gender Conference Inspires Action

The Royal Australian Air Force’s biennial Gender Conference has concluded today with a focus on action by all personnel, to make Air Force more inclusive for all members.

The Chief of Air Force, Air Marshal Leo Davies, said that workplace equality is a fundamental part of Air Force capability.

“For some time now, debate about gender issues and workplace equality has largely been focused on women. While it is true that woman are under-represented in Air Force, and we need to improve the number of women – workplace opportunity and equality is for all members and all leaders.

“This means removing barriers, removing bias and discrimination, and including representation from all parts of Australian society that share our Air Force values to ensure we have full representation within our Air Force. Diversity is about capability and enhancing our workplace,” Air Marshal Davies said.

The conference theme The difference I bring is the value I add captured that diversity of thought and ideas that is essential to maintaining an effective Air Force. Air Force’s future 5th generation aircraft and support systems need an agile, responsive team that is representative of the diverse Australian population we protect.

“Equality is about providing everyone with the opportunity to participate – this means different people at different points in their lives may need extra help.

“If every unit of our Air Force recruited or retained at least one woman every year, we would have a significant impact towards achieving our female representation goal of 25% by 2023. For our members, attending the conference is one step – every member of Air Force has to take action to make a difference,” Air Marshal Davies said.