Automated Data Capture Units Roll Out

MOBILE devices are now allowing Air Force logistics personnel to conduct work more accurately away from their desk.
Mobile devices are now allowing Air Force logistics personnel to conduct work more accurately away from their desk.
Air Force Logistics Branch has rolled out Automated Data Capture to Units (ADC-U) for 27 units across eight bases in the past financial year.
A wider roll out is under consideration.
The ADC-U system consists of a mobile device, a mobile application and middleware that connects to the current logistic information system (MILIS) through a wireless network.
ADC-U combines mobile scanning technology with barcodes on items to enhance logistics business practice at units.
ADC-U improves logistics data accuracy and transaction speed by reducing manual keyboard entries.
Squadron Leader (SQNLDR) Adrian Watson from Air Force Logistics Branch said the new system reduced the number of paper-based transactions required.
“Units can perform tasks at the point of transaction and conduct supply business on the move, and away from their desktop,” SQNLDR Watson said.
Several units at RAAF Base Richmond and Defence Establishment Orchard Hills have also received Unique Identification (UID) labels to use with their ADC-U devices.
“Each UID is a ruggedised barcode with machine readable data, largely applied to Land Materiel items with intensive governance regimes,” SQNLDR Watson said.
The UID can withstand climate conditions and rough use that would be expected of the item it is attached to.
UID can also contain information and data that is unique to that particular item – such as a serial number - allowing its endorsement as approved means of tracking for stocktakes, issues and receipts.
“Using an ADC-U device, members can scan a UID label that is on items, such as weapons, radios and night-fighting equipment,” SQNLDR Watson said.
“Use of ADC-U and UID automates and increases the accuracy and speed of issues, receipts and stocktaking.”
“WOFF Russell Kenyon from HQAC has been invaluable in assisting Air Force Logistics Branch staff with both the ADC-U and UID roll outs.”
At 1SECFOR DET Richmond, the combination of ADC-U and UID labels has reduced the time required for fortnightly weapons stocktake from two and a half hours to just an hour.
FSGT Scott Whinfield from 1SECFOR said ADC-U and UID is now used to issue members with weapons for Weapons Handling Tests and Range Shoots.
“Previously, signing out a weapon required a member to physically write their details down along with the weapon’s serial number,” Flight Sergeant Whinfield said.
“Now we can electronically issue a weapon by scanning its UID, and then scanning the members’ Defence Common Access Card.” 
Logistics Branch is currently looking to expand upon the current 27 units who have been ADC-U and WiFi enabled to increase supply chain effectiveness within other Air Force units. 
In future ADC-U roll outs, a unit would require a site survey to confirm Wi-Fi connectivity or the locations that Wireless Access Points (WAPs) would need to be installed.
Once WiFi is enabled, the unit would receive the ADC-U portable devices along with training and mentoring.