Back to Basics

2SECFOR conducted training on Exercise Morotai 19 at Wide Bay Training Area between 4-22 March to test and hone their core skills.
2SECFOR conducted training on Exercise Morotai 19 at Wide Bay Training Area between 4-22 March 2019 to test and hone their core skills.
Security Flight operated in an urban training environment, conducting building searches with armed teams and Military Working Dogs, Defensive Operations setup tactical positions in the bush to guard against threats, and Mobility and Communications Section ranged between the locations providing support and conducting drills.
2SECFOR XO and Director of Practice for Exercise Morotai 19, SQNLDR Adrian Rodgers, said the exercise is a collective training environment where our Security Flight, Rifle Flights, specialist flights and our enablers such as logistics administration and Explosive Detector Dogs conduct individual small team and collective training.
“We’re using this as an opportunity to conduct interoperability across all those musterings and specialisations under the coordination and control of a command post,” SQNLDR Rodgers said.
“As part of our quality training management framework, we identify fixes and improves, so what we’re doing here is working on fixes and improves from Exercise Pitch Black 18 and conducting further reviews.
“This has been our key aim for the Defensive Operations (Rifle Flights), and we’re also aiming at exposing and reinvigorating training for our Security Flight, especially the Military Working Dog Handlers.”
Exercise Morotai has encountered two unique challenges from unseasonal weather: storms and heat.
“One of the challenges has been an unexpected heatwave and we’ve had to adapt our training because of fire danger ratings,” SQNLDR Rodgers said.
“We’ve also had to incorporate work-rest cycles for our personnel, including the Dogs.”
FLGOFF Cameron Maher, 2 Rifle Commander, said there’s been a tremendous improvement for all the guys that have been participating, in particular the ones off basic course, and going forward, considers that Exercise Morotai will be very beneficial.
“Our Squadron is currently online, so this is developing a baseline for later on in the year when we move towards the urban operations space for a Quick Reaction Force within the base itself,” FLGOFF Maher said.
“All this is to make sure we’re able to employ the guys within their core capacity, and build the skills that apply here and of course into different environments as well.
“The guys have had a great time, and apart from a few low moments due to rain, morale has been very high.”
FLTLT Jacinta Draper, OIC Security Flight for Exercise Morotai, said everyone from Security was having a great time and learning a lot from the urban training.
“The best part of this is being able to create something that our people are learning and enjoying at the same time,” FLTLT Draper said.
“We’re giving them ideas on how they can conduct operations in the field, and we’re watching them succeed, which is fantastic.”
Exercise Morotai 19 is forerunner for a live fire exercise being conducted by 2SECFOR in May 2019.