Batchelor Open Day

Batchelor Open Day

People in the Northern Territory came from near and far to wander the austere airbase set up at Batchelor as part of Exercise Pitch Black 2018.

There were many different displays from the Royal Australian Air Force, the Australian Army and the US Air Force for kids and adults alike to look at, touch and ask questions about.

Land-based equipment like Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicles, fire trucks and a range of other vehicles were popular with people getting in them and on them, while quizzing the Air Force members who were always ready to provide answers.

Many attendees were amazed by the healthcare facilities on the airbase. The Role 2 field hospital and ambulance showed a defence capability that the general public didn’t expect to see.

Two of the major draw cards for all at the Batchelor Open Day were the ARH Tiger helicopter and a C-27J Spartan that made multiple low passes of the airfield to cap off the event.

As part of the Open Day a number of senior officers from international militaries came to Batchelor to see the facilities on hand at Air Force’s austere airbase build. 

Batchelor was the second open day Air Force held for the exercise. The first was at Darwin the weekend before.

Exercise Pitch Black is the Royal Australian Air Force’s largest and most complex exercise.

By LEUT Harley Slatter