BFTS and BAE Systems celebrate relationship

A special livery CT/4B aircraft from BAE Systems Australia

By Flight Lieutenant Tracey Li

Air Force has received a special livery CT/4B aircraft from BAE Systems Australia to mark their long and productive partnership at Tamworth on 19 April.

WGCDR Leigh Dunnett, Commanding Officer of Basic Flight Training School (BFTS), said he was impressed with the paint scheme which was a surprise unveiling after a joint BAE systems and BFTS barbecue lunch.

“The aircraft shows a command pennant streaming the aircraft, the BFTS heraldry accompanied with the BAE Systems logo on the tail,” WGCDR Dunnett said.

“The overall design took more than eight weeks of planning and Mr Cory Goodman, a BAE Systems Aircraft Surface Refinisher spent over 20 hours applying the new design which is in vinyl wraps. 

“The BAE Systems engineering team further ensured the new design met all governance requirements to allow the aircraft to continue to fly.” 

BFTS and BAE Systems established their longstanding partnership in 1993.

Mr Jim Maguire, Project Manager of Flight Training Tamworth from BAE Systems said this relationship has been collaborative and effective. 

“From the integration of civil and military flying through to our shared expectations on professionalism, we have consistently delivered the finest candidates into the ADF aircrew training system,” said Mr Maguire.

“BAE Systems has also commenced a re-paint of two other CT/4 aircraft in recognition of the Air force operations at Tamworth. 

“A CT/4B representing the CT/4B RAAF Aircraft Research and Development Unit livery will be complete in June 2018, with a second aircraft being painted in the Number 1 Flying Training School CT/4A ‘Fanta Can’ livery in July 2018.”