CAF Visit to the Middle East region

CAF AIRMSHL Leo Davies met with Air Force and coalition personnel deployed on operations in the Middle East during his five day visit to the region from 2-7 February 2017.

AIRMSHL Davies and WOFF-AF Rob Swanwick conducted troop engagements at Australia’s main operating and logistic bases.

CAF said it was important for him to come to the Middle East region to see how the latest deployed teams were progressing.

“I am totally impressed with their professionalism,” AIRMSHL Davies said.

“I see how the work they are doing is important and how excited they are to do the job.”

CAF said he was proud of Air Force’s achievements and he thanked all members for their contribution.

“I spoke with the coalition and the base commanders; they are all totally impressed with our Air Force,” he said.

WOFF–AF Swanwick said he enjoyed the opportunity to talk with the troops on the ground.

“I am impressed on how our Air Force members are going on with the job,” WOFF-AF Swanwick said.

“Especially with the professionalism, the moral level, the happiness and the good spirit of our members.”

Currently there are more than 1700 ADF members deployed to the Middle East region.

The ADF remains actively involved in advising, assisting and training Iraqi Security Forces in Iraq; training and advising the Afghan National Defence Security Forces in Afghanistan; and maritime security duties throughout the Middle East region.