Education for the Future

Bases around Australia celebrated the Air Force's 96th Birthday on 31 March.  This year, Air Force celebrated with an education theme.

The Chief of Air Force, Air Marshal Leo Davies said many challenges faced in the past hold true today. “We stand on the threshold of a new era of unprecedented technological progress, built on the foundations that have been laid by generations of pioneers and innovators. Those early airman, often with great sacrifice, showed us the true value of knowledge and a future focus.”

The Chief spoke about Sir George Jones, World War I ace and the RAAF’s Chief of the Air Staff through most of World War II, and his contribution to education and training of airmen. “At present, I find myself asking the same questions that AIRMSHL Jones was asking in 1936. What are the training and information requirements for the Air Force of today? Will the decisions we make now, remain valid with new technologies, new challenges, and new opportunities in an ever more complex world order.

“All the members of Air Force have the same opportunity and responsibility to develop their own technical and professional mastery and use that skill and knowledge to generate air power for Australia,” AIRMSHL Davies said.

Speaking at the Air Force Birthday in Canberra, LAC Daniel Hogan, Geospatial Imagery Analyst provided a reflection on Air Force and the future. "Air Force is constantly evolving and we are now on the cusp of a true 5th generation Air Force. To make these capabilities a reality we require a workforce of airmen and officers that are united in its mission to fully utilise this new technology.

"In particular I would like to praise the junior airmen out there who every day make a difference in their units and squadrons. We are so lucky to have so many junior airman that are extremely talented and committed to their jobs.

“Rank is not a defining way to judge anyone, its merely a way to represent one’s role and responsibility but it will never be a guide to someone's integrity, intelligence, drive, passion or dedication,” LAC Hogan said.

The Air Force Birthday provides an opportunity to pause and reflect on Air Force’s history and consider the future evolution of the Air Force.