A First for Aircrew Initial Survival Training

: Trainees from No.1 Flying Training School and Air Mission Training School have commenced Aircrew Initial Survival Training at RAAF Base East Sale on 6 August.
For the first time, trainees from No.1 Flying Training School and Air Mission Training School have completed Aircrew Initial Survival Training as part of their Initial Employment Training.
The one and a half day training is designed to provide new Pilots and Mission Aircrew with the knowledge and skills to survive an emergency situation.
Squadron Leader Jay Nicks, Commanding Officer of Combat Survival Training School said the first session was conducted on 6 August and the same training would be delivered once every six weeks at RAAF Base East Sale.
“Survival training is an essential requirement for aircrew because it can significantly increase their chance of survival in the event of an emergency,” Squadron Leader Nicks said.
“The level of knowledge and skills an aircrew has will make a huge difference between surviving unharmed or injury and worse.”
“Aircrew Initial Survival Training introduces basic lifesaving skills though realistic scenarios. The program covers topics like psychology of survival, mechanism of heat loss and heat gain, forced landing scenario brief, as well as how to use electronic signal devices, signal fires and flares.”
Squadron Leader Nicks said the training would create a good foundation for trainees to transition to advance survival training later in their careers.
“This course is a nice introduction to the Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape courses, which will teach them vital skills to survive in tropical, cold weather and the sea environments,” Squadron Leader Nicks said.
“Aircrew Initial Survival Training will be extremely beneficial to all aircrew trainees and we are hoping to offer it to Airmen aircrew, as well as Army and Navy aircrew trainees in the future.”