High Performance from Wagga

Chief of Air Force, Air Marshal Leo Davies and the visiting Air Marshals had the opportunity to present a number of awards while at Wagga. AIRMSHL Davies said it was important to recognise those personnel who had gone above and beyond.
“As an Air Force, we should recognise people when they do a little more than what a great PPR would indicate. When someone does a fantastic job that makes our Air Force, or makes our ADF better, we should recognise that,” AIRMSHL Davies said.
A range of presentations were made, including a Chief of Air Force Commendation to FLGOFF Jericho Sayson, for his outstanding leadership, dedication and exemplary performance in carrying out duties as a White Ribbon and Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response Office (SeMPRO) Ambassador since 2014, at both ADFA and 1RTU.
Presenting the Commendation, AIRMSHL Davies said “Your contribution to the ‘Worth a 1000 Words’ campaign together with your commitment to external White Ribbon activities has achieved outstanding results that will endure. 
“Your involvement in White Ribbon initiatives has played a pivotal role in the Australian Defence Force Academy achieving accreditation. Similarly, your work with SeMPRO and willingness to participate in numerous forums has provided SeMPRO the foundation on which to develop a selection of resources that appeal to the younger generation,” AIRMSHL Davies said.
FLGOFF Sayson was surprised by the award, which was presented on White Ribbon Day, where he was involved in a range of White Ribbon activities. “The highlight of today was working with Channel 9, and saying the White Ribbon Oath. 
I’ve had family and friends who are victims of domestic violence – that’s when you realise how much it means and how much its affecting real people,” FLGOFF Sayson said.
“For me personally, it aligns with my personal values, particularly Respect. It started once I posted a photo to social media in 2014, and I realised that violence was happening closer to me than I thought. White Ribbon is for everyone. The ADF needs to move with society and gender equality,” FLGOFF Sayson said.
The CO of RAAFSTT was delighted that AIRMSHL Les Fisher (retired) was able to present three ACAUST Commendations to his staff. Captain David Vagg was presented with an ACAUST Commendation for his outstanding performance as a Flight Commander at RAAFSTT. As the Physical Fitness Test Liaison Officer, he streamlined processes to ensure that graduating trainees are individually ready when they arrive at their gaining units. Captain Vagg has improved both the quality and graduation rates of students at RAAFSTT.
FSGT Nigel Lambert was recognised with an ACAUST Commendation for outstanding performance as the SNCO in charge of Number 3 Flight at RAAFSTT. FSGT Lambert’s exemplary leadership and professional mastery have been instrumental in the efficient and effective management of trainee academic performance and support in failure management. His ability to lead a diverse range of activities and his adaptability in non-traditional roles for technical personnel exemplified his professionalism as a Senior Airman.
Corporal Kaysie Jackson was recognised for her outstanding performance as the Trainee Transition Manager, and subsequently as a Military Skills Instructor at RAAFSTT with an ACAUST Commendation. Her contribution to the development of trainees in transition to or from initial employment training has instilled a sense of pride and professionalism. Corporal Jackson maintained morale during a stressful period for a number of these trainees who were at a formative stage in their personal development.
Chief of Air Force, AIRMSHL Leo Davies presented SQNLDR Jan Wehrmann with an ACAUST Commendation for outstanding performance at SPSS. She was recognised for addressing long-standing deficiencies in the Learning Management Packages and creating a continuous improvement program for the upgrade of all instructor and assessment guides.
WGCDR Kim Samin was surprised by both her promotion from SQNLDR and the recognition of 35 years service by the Chief of Air Force, AIRMSHL Leo Davies.