Inflatable targets provide visual realism for fast jets

Simulated target systems

Air Force personnel from various units have come together to perform the Opposing Force Ground Threat Team, providing inflatable targets for fast jets participating in Exercise Pitch Black 2018.

Simulated target systems will be set up at identified locations to increase the training value to aircrew said Squadron Leader Scott Youngs, Air Warfare Centre Ranges.

“The target systems in use, simulated missile systems, inflatable weapons systems or vehicle convoys, all represent threat systems that the participating aircrew will seek to identify or avoid in relation to their mission objectives,” said SQNLDR Youngs.

“Positioning the systems on public areas adds to the realism of the scenario by having systems at different locations during the course of the exercise.

“This adds to the complexity by requiring aircrew to differentiate between non-combatant items (caravan, road trains, etc.) and the simulated threat systems.

“There is no risk to the general public in relation to the positioning of these systems in public area.”

Air Force is asking the public not to approach these items due to safety areas required to minimise the potential for personnel being injured.  

The targets are being operated in support of Ex Pitch Black.

Exercise Pitch Black is the conducted in the Northern territory from 27th of July to the 17th of August and involves personnel from 16 different nations.

The exercise aims to strengthen regional partnerships, improve interoperability between nations and promote regional stability.

By FLGOFF Belinda Scott

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