Life in the RAAF - ACW Jenny Phan

Before joining the Air Force, Aircraftwoman Jenny Phan visited a number of military trade career days, but already knew that Air Force was where she wanted to be.
Before joining the Air Force, Aircraftwoman (ACW) Jenny Phan visited a number of military trade career days but already knew that Air Force was where she wanted to be.
“I am passionate about aircraft and was seeking a challenging and interesting career, so I did a lot of research, went to a lot of open days and attended Air Force’s Young Women’s Technical Camp at RAAF Base Wagga in 2016,” ACW Phan said.
Exactly a year later, ACW Phan enlisted and achieved dux of her initial employment training course and then posted to 6SQN at RAAF Base Amberley as an aircraft technician.
“I am 10 months into my first posting at 6SQN and am one of about 11 women in technical roles,” she said.
“I remember walking down the flightline for the first time, knowing that my hard work had paid off.
“My parents came to Australia as refugees, so to be the first in my family to join the ADF and be recognised for my achievements so early in my career is something I’m really proud of.”
Earlier this year, ACW Phan accompanied ACG WOFF Rudolf Vitasz to the Australian International Airshow as a professional development opportunity.
“WOFF Vitasz and I discussed Plan Jericho, the future of Air Force and how impressive it was to see ASTROSTEM and Jasper come to life,” ACW Phan
“We shared the sentiments that Air Force is going through an exciting evolution with inclusivity and diversity at the forefront of our people capability.
“It made me reflect on how incredible it is to continuously meet people who share your vision, not just for the future of your unit, but of your organisation as a whole.”
Balancing hard work with her hobbies, ACW Phan shares more than just her professional aspirations with her peers, incorporating her Vietnamese heritage and love of food into the workplace.
“Food was always such a huge deal for my family. I have taken up baking since coming to 6SQN and have started an initiative called ‘Morale Mondays’ where I bring in home-baked treats for my section,” she said.