Life in the RAAF - LACW Georgia Armitage

Leading Aircraftwoman Georgia Armitage says she has found the perfect fit.
Leading Aircraftwoman Georgia Armitage says she has found the perfect fit in her role as an Aircraft Technician working on F/A-18A/B Classic Hornets at Number 75 Squadron.
Leading Aircraftwoman (LACW) Armitage grew up in Gladstone, Queensland and has always had a keen interest in mechanics, team sports and a love for the outdoors which made her extremely happy with her first posting out of recruits to RAAF Base Tindal in 2018.
In her role as an Aircraft Technician she is responsible for preparing the Hornets for flight and conducting engine maintenance tasks. She enjoys learning the intricacies of engine systems, troubleshooting to ensure the Hornets can take off smoothly and safely.
Number 75 Squadron recently deployed for Exercise Cope North 19 at Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, where LACW Armitage was part of the deployed team working with American and Japanese partners to enhance interoperability and large force employment.
“The maintenance team worked hard to keep our Hornets running to complete a total of 169 sorties during Cope North,” she said.
“It’s always interesting to work in a different environment and with the United States and Japanese Militaries.
“On exercise we don’t have all our usual tools and resources so it requires us to think outside the box to solve maintenance problems.”
LACW Armitage said it’s not just the mechanics of her day job that she enjoys about the RAAF but also the variety in opportunities.
“I have grown up playing softball and was selected in the Northern Territory ADF Softball team in 2018.
“Our team won the match and I was lucky to be picked in the ADF national team, playing in the Anzac match and claiming victory against New Zealand.
“ADF sport is the best way to make friends from a wide range of musterings and I really appreciate the comradery and community feel.
“The sense of community is something that resonates with my remote posting to Tindal and within 75 Squadron.”
LACW Armitage looks forward to further developing her aircraft knowledge and winning more softball games for the ADF throughout her RAAF career.