Life in the RAAF – LACW Shauntel Hardy

LACW Shauntel Hardy, of Pottsville, NSW, always knew she wanted a career working with her hands.
With a passion for fixing and building things since she was young, LACW Shauntel Hardy of Pottsville, NSW, always knew she wanted a career working with her hands.
This, together with her love of adventure, led the former Kingscliff High School student to join the Air Force as an aircraft technician in 2015.
“I wanted an exciting and adventurous career where I could be proud of my work and be provided with opportunities second to none, so Air Force was the perfect choice,” LACW
Hardy said.
“Growing up, I had a curiosity of how and why things worked the way they did. I was the type of girl who, if something broke, would give it my best go to try and fix it because I loved the satisfaction of making things work again.”
After completing her trade training, LACW Hardy was posted to Number 10 Squadron (10SQN) at RAAF Base Edinburgh in 2017, where she currently works as unit training coordinator in support of  AP-3C Orion operations.
She said while she loves “being on the tools”, she has now set her sights on an Air Force logistics career in the future.
“I am currently studying a Bachelor of Business degree to work towards commissioning to a logistics officer,” LACW Hardy said.
“I really enjoy my degree so I am confident that I will enjoy a career in logistics, particularly as you get to play such an important role in maintaining Air Force capability.”
LACW Hardy said as she worked towards her career goal, she would continue to enjoy the variety of opportunities available to her in Air Force.
“There aren’t too many careers that give you the chance to travel to parts of the world you never dreamed of, so that is a really rewarding part of my job,” she said.
“From deployments and missions to marching in a small country town for Anzac Day and being awarded dux of my trade course, it has all been rewarding.”
While at 10SQN, LACW Hardy has also deployed to Darwin for Operation Resolute numerous times, supported a rescue mission to Samoa, and assisted in the security of the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast as a member of the aircraft maintenance team.