Maximum Wellbeing for Occupational Resilience

Spring into Spring was conducted 2-13 September 2019 at RAAF Base Williamtown.
With the arrival of spring, people often start preparing for summer by kick-starting their health and fitness regimes.
The 26 Squadron (26SQN) Physical Training Instructors (PTIs) at RAAF Williamtown saw this as a great opportunity to introduce a new ADF wellbeing program.
Spring into Spring, a joint initiative between the HQAC Human Performance Project (HPP) and 26SQN PTIs, encourages physical conditioning tailored to occupational resilience by offering a range of new classes and nutritional advice, as well as the already successful Strength and Conditioning Program.
FSGT Kim Fletcher, SNCOIC Physical and Recreational Training said that the 26SQN PTIs were inspired by the opportunity to collaborate with the HPP team, and develop a fresh program to draw people’s attention to their physical health and wellness. 
“The aim of the program is to educate participants on the methodology and benefits of different types training, and how this can be supplemented with healthy eating,” FSGT Fletcher said.
“Spring into Spring ran from 2 to 13 September, and included Olympic Lifting, running technique training, yoga, nutrition, mobility and foam rolling classes, as well as the usual morning and midday strength and conditioning classes.”
Feedback from participants provided key insights into the preferred types of training and information being sought, with there being an overwhelming interest in running and interval classes, as well as a female nutrition workshop. This will be used to develop future programs.
WGCDR Carlos Almenara, Deputy Director HPP said that the program was a huge success, particularly due to the efforts of the PTI team.
“The PTIs’ openness to new and innovative ideas led to a fresh approach to optimising the performance of Air Force Personnel whilst reducing the risk of injury,” WGCDR Almenara said.
“The overall aim of the HPP is to have a strong, fit, resilient Air Force with less preventable injuries and increased mental wellness; resulting in increased capability to support the generation of Air Power.”
The lessons learned from this program will be discussed at the upcoming PTI Conference in November as the HPP outlines a vision for the future wellness and occupational resilience of Air Force members.