New lights shine on Hercules maintenance personnel

New lighting fixtures at RAAF Base Richmond are illuminating the work of night-time maintenance personnel.

Last December, works were completed on Stage One of a project to install tarmac lighting at the base, delivering 16 lights to the No. 37 Squadron (37SQN) flightline.

Stage Two is due for completion by the end of February, and will see seven lights covering the base’s western Ordnance Loading Area, and keyhole parking positions on the Eastern Apron.

The project was coordinated between Air Mobility Group and Defence Estate and Infrastructure Group with Aurecon as the primary contractor.

Control of the lighting can be managed in a number of ways, according to Wing Commander (WGCDR) Stuart Johnson, who managed the project for Air Mobility Group.

“The lights can be set to automatic, where they come on at dusk and extinguish at dawn,” WGCDR Johnson said.

“They can also be manually turned on and off at each individual pole, or remotely activated from within 37SQN’s Flightline Office.”

Until now, night-time maintenance on the tarmac at RAAF Base Richmond has relied on mobile light stands.

The new fixtures will reduce the number of mobile lightstands required by 37SQN and other visiting units.

“Whereas we had to use mobile lightstands 100 per cent of the time before, they will now only be required for specific tasks where lighting is inadequate,” WGCDR Johnson said.

“The reduction in mobile lighting use should increase workforce efficiency as it releases the time they currently spend in locating the lights and moving them into position.”

“Maintenance tasks should also become quicker as the lightstands will not have to be relocated throughout the task to ensure appropriate illumination.”

Less reliance on diesel-powered mobile lightstands will also provide added safety benefits.

“There’s a commensurate reduction in noise, fumes and fuel, because the mobile lightstands run on a generator,” WGCDR Johnson said.

“There’s also an increase in safety for individuals and vehicles moving around the tarmac with greater visibility dusk until dawn.”

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