Pilot course celebrates centurion

Fourteen graduates from 155 Pilot Course returned to No.2 Flying Training School on 28 June to celebrate their centurion
Fourteen graduates from 155 Pilot Course returned to No.2 Flying Training School (2FTS) on 28 June to celebrate their centurion - the unit’s completion of 100 courses since their graduation on 21 Jun 1991.

The centurions also witnessed the graduation of 255 Pilot Course and celebrated their achievements with 2FTS staff and students.

Air Commodore Glen Braz, Commander Air Force Training Group and a centurion of 155 Pilot Course himself said the 255 Pilot Course graduation ceremony was an emotional event for all the centurions.

“I remember the day we marched out from 2FTS like it was yesterday. I also remember the moment I received my wings at graduation – it remains as one of the proudest moments of my life,” Air Commodore Braz said.

“It was a fantastic course and I absolutely truly enjoyed the bond and comradery we created. I am so glad we maintained contact over the last 28 years.”

After completing advanced pilot training, the graduates from 155 Pilot Course went on to have exciting careers in the Australian Defence Force. Some continue with their military service to this day and many have excelled in their civilian roles.

Air Commodore Braz said he was extremely proud of both the teams of No.1 Flying Training School (formerly Basic Flying Training School) and 2FTS for providing the highest standard of training to our students.

“Thank you to all the staff for your professionalism and commitment; you have brought out the best of our students and well done for helping them across the finish line.”

“Congratulations to all the students for achieving this impressive milestone. You are about to embark upon a big journey that’s full of great challenges, fun and adventure. Enjoy!”

Mr Andrew Ellis, a former C-130 pilot who is now flying B777 with Cathay Pacific said he absolutely enjoyed the 255 Pilot Course graduation.

“Seeing the young graduates from 255 Pilot Course was a great thrill. Like our course, the students are educated, talented and have created a strong bond amongst them,” Mr Ellis said.

“I also noticed another similarity – our course said farewell to the Macchi aircraft and welcomed the PC-9 trainer, whereas the 255 Pilot Course is one of the last courses flying the PC-9 as Air Force transitions to the PC-21 aircraft.

“I am really excited for the 255 Pilot Course as they will get to experience the latest technology and capabilities in their careers.

“I am also happy for them as the students will have a lifetime of sharing memories and reunions with their pilot course mates.”