RAAF Base East Sale wins blood challenge

Minister for Defence Personnel, Hon Darren Chester MP presents the annual “Battle of the Bases” Blood Challenge trophy to Group Captain Dennis Tan of RAAF Base East Sale.

RAAF Base East Sale has won the 2018 “Battle of the Bases” blood challenge and Senior ADF Officer East Sale GPCAPT Dennis Tan proudly received the perpetual trophy at East Sale on 22 January.

GPCAPT Tan said the “Battle of the Bases” is an annual blood donation competition between RAAF Bases East Sale and Wagga, which aims to boost Australia’s blood supplies and allow Air Force to give back to the community.

The competition is conducted over a 12 months period and includes all blood donations made by Air Force personnel posted to those two bases. The donation numbers are then weighted against the base populations to give a percentage based result. 

“Traditionally there’s a rivalry between RAAF Base East Sale and RAAF Base Wagga, due to the competition between air and ground training academies”, GPCAPT Tan said.

“In 2014 Air Force decided to take advantage of this healthy competition and it resulted in a significant increase in blood donations from the two regional training bases.

“Over the past five years, East Sale and Wagga have made 3423 donations – which may have led to saving over 10,000 lives. At the very least, we have done something profoundly positive for all Australians”

GPCAPT Tan thanked the officers and airmen from RAAF Bases East Sale and Wagga for their ongoing support to the competition.

“The blood donated will assist a wide range of people in life threatening situations and I am delighted that our collective contributions make a difference in the community”, GPCAPT Tan said. 

“In the most humble of terms I acknowledge that RAAF Base East Sale has won the 2018 competition because we are all serving a much more pressing purpose by donating blood through the Red Cross Blood Service.”