RAAF Base Tindal Staging the Storm

AIR FORCE’s remote RAAF Base Tindal is playing a pivotal role in the training of the Air Force’s next Air Warfare Instructors for Exercise Diamond Storm 2019.
By Flying Officer Kat Trimble
Air Force's remote RAAF Base Tindal is playing a pivotal role in the training of the next Air Warfare Instructors for Exercise Diamond Storm 2019.
From 26 April to 29 May, RAAF Base Tindal has welcomed a surge of personnel and aircraft from visiting Squadrons, No. 77 and 76 as well as teams from Raytheon Lear Jets and Air Affairs Australia Alpha Jets.
Although it is one of Air Force’s youngest operational bases, RAAF Base Tindal is one of Australia’s most important Defence sites.
The large expanse of air space in the Northern Territory and the proximity to training ranges at Delamere and Bradshaw makes Tindal an important staging base for warfighting scenarios.
RAAF Base Tindal Airbase Command Post Watchkeeper, Leading Aircraftman (LAC) Jason Donaldson, said that the exercise is a chance to showcase the full operational capability of the base.
 “During Exercise period base support functions are working at an increased tempo, running day and evening shifts,” LAC Donaldson said.
“The dog handlers at No. 2 Security Forces have increased their patrols, refuelling teams are pumping more than 170,000 litres of fuel each day and the cooks are preparing more than 3,000 meals a week.
 “We’re in an interesting position at Tindal as we’ve still got Air Force cooks in the messing facilities and Air Force suppliers running the clothing store and warehouse.
“When we have exercises like these our cooks like to showcase Northern Territory produce like barramundi and even crocodile.
“It’s great to support the exercise and to show off what RAAF Base Tindal and the Northern Territory have to offer.”
Exercise Diamond Storm is the culminating exercise of the six-month intensive Air Warfare Instructor Course conducted from RAAF Bases Darwin and RAAF Tindal.
The Air Warfare Instructor Course establishes high-end warfighting scenarios allowing graduates to apply their newly developed skills in assisting Air Force to fight and win.