Recognition for Second World War veteran

Former Air Force Warrant Officer, Thomas Lachlan Campbell has been presented with medals dating back to service in World War Two at a ceremony held at RAAF Base Townsville.

Thomas Lachlan Campbell has been awarded a total of seven medals and clasps for his service between 1944 and 1976. The honours received are Australia Service Medal 1939-45, Australian Service Medal 1945-75 with Japan clasp, First, Second and Third clasp to the Defence Force Service Medal and the Australian Defence Medal. During a thirty two year career Thomas rose to the rank of Warrant Officer specialising in Radio Communications.

The ninety one year old veteran saw service in post war Japan as part of the British Commonwealth Occupation Forces, including visits to Hiroshima after US Troops had detonated an atomic bomb over the city.

The medals are a commitment made by the Australian Government in 1946 to recognise those serving in occupation forces. In 2017 the Government finally agreed to recognise that original commitment allowing awards to be made to veterans.