Weapons and Tactics Conference Leads the Push for Integrated Superior Warfighting Advantage

No. 88 Squadron has successfully completed the second Australian Weapons and Tactics Conference
No. 88 Squadron has successfully completed the second Australian Weapons and Tactics Conference (AusWEPTAC19) on behalf of the Air Warfare Centre’s Tactics and Training Directorate.
Navy, Army, Air Force, Defence Science and Technology (DST) Group personnel along with Royal Air Force and United States Air Force members, met at Headquarters Joint Operations Command, Bungendore to discuss ongoing Integrated Tactical Procedure (ITP) development from 9 to 11 April, 2019.
Commanding Officer 88SQN, Wing Commander (WGCDR) Tim Main, said the annual AusWEPTAC was the key event in the newly established ITP development cycle.
“This cycle was designed by 88SQN to generate integrated and joint tactics, providing tactical solutions for mission commanders in an evolving threat environment,” WGCDR Main said.
“AusWEPTAC19 focused on Non-Kinetic Effects, concentrating on creating ITPs to support operations in order to counter emerging Non-Kinetic threats.
“The conference facilitated an opportunity to really focus some of our sharpest minds on a number of key problem sets that would be faced executing a current joint and coalition airborne operation,” WGCDR Main said.
“The attendees worked together to develop ITPs that will be validated through scientific peer review, modelling and simulation, and live execution and refinement in both ADF and international exercises.
“This will create an integrated tactics package that is verified, validated and certified for use by mission commanders on future operations.
“We were incredibly fortunate to have tactical level input from the Royal Air Force Air Warfare Centre, the United States Air Combat Command and Joint Navigation Warfare Centre, as well as representation from DST Group, and both Navy and Army during the conference.”
OIC of AusWEPTAC19, SQNLDR Daniel Venn, said the conference has enabled greater engagement with both joint and coalition partners, that will result in stronger relationships.
“This will to ensure that ITPs are developed to support effective airborne operations in a contested GPS environment,” Squadron Leader Venn said.
“This type of activity enables pre-emptive planning to take full advantage of ADF integration to gain and maintain the decision superiority advantage.
“AusWEPTAC19 provided the forum to clear up ambiguity that naturally occurs in the joint environment.
“Importantly, it also fostered greater relationships between joint and allied subject matter experts in order to increase interoperability and combat effectiveness via teamwork.”
Participants all agreed that AusWEPTAC19 was a highly effective forum for ITP development and an excellent opportunity to bring like-minded, focused operators together to “ready the warfighter.”
AusWEPTAC will be conducted annually by 88SQN and as it matures, the conference will become an invaluable vehicle through which RAAF platforms can integrate with Navy, Army and Coalition partners in tactical development, continuing the momentum towards becoming an effective 5th Generation Air Force.