AAFC and School Students get a visit from C-17A Globemaster in Launceston

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On 21-23 February 2018, a Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) C-17A Globemaster from No. 36 Squadron will conduct aircrew training missions in Tasmania and Victoria. This will include a visit to Launceston on 21 February 2018, and an overnight stay in Hobart on 21-22 February 2018.

Air Force will take the opportunity to provide tours of the C-17A by No. 5 Wing Australian Air Force Cadets (AAFC) at Launceston; and candidates selected by Defence Force Recruiting in Hobart. Grade 2 and 3 students from the Launceston Preparatory School will also tour the aircraft. This activity will take place from 1.20pm to 3pm on Wednesday, 21 February.

These events allows prospective Defence Force recruits and other young people to see Air Force platforms up close, speak to serving Air Force personnel, and understand the capability that they provide.

Air Force appreciates the support of the Tasmanian and Victorian community when conducting its training. Flying in these areas provides the opportunity to plan and conduct missions in an unfamiliar airborne environment under close supervision of instructors. These missions often require aircraft to operate day and night, at low level, and in areas that are not often exposed to Defence Force aircraft.

The training received by Air Force Pilots and Loadmasters this week will benefit them when conducting missions around the globe. Recent examples of C-17A operational missions include the following:

  • Delivery of disaster relief supplies to Tonga following Tropical Cyclone Gita (February 2018)
  • Airdrop of medical supplies to the racing yacht CV22 Garmin, 3300 kilometres west of Perth (November 2017).
  • Support of Australian Antarctic Division with airland missions to Wilkins Aerodrome, and airdrop missions to Davis Research Station (Ongoing).
  • Sustainment of Australian Defence Force personnel in the Middle East Region, including those deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq (Ongoing).

Information on aircraft noise and current flying activities is available at http://www.defence.gov.au/aircraftnoise, or by calling 1300 DEFENCE (1300 333 362).