Air Force Hercules flypast for Gulgong District Soldiers' Memorial Centenary

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A Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) C-130J Hercules will conduct a flypast of Gulgong District Soldiers' Memorial on Saturday, March 10, as part of a ceremony marking the memorial’s centenary.

The aircraft will fly from East to West over Anzac Memorial Park on Medley Street in Gulgong at 11am, flying at an altitude of 75m.

Flypasts are subject to variables including operational availability and weather, and may be subject to cancellation at short notice.

The ceremony will commemorate the centenary of the Gulgong District Soldiers Memorial Rotunda in Anzac Park. The Rotunda is believed to be the oldest memorial rotunda and the second oldest war memorial in Australia.

The Hercules is from RAAF Base Richmond in Sydney’s north-west. Different variants of the Hercules have been operated by the RAAF since December 1958 and have supported personnel deployed on operations to Vietnam, the Middle East and Afghanistan, and peacekeeping efforts in Africa, Asia, and the South Pacific.

The C-130J Hercules was introduced to RAAF service in 1999 and is capable of lifting up to 20 tonnes of cargo or more than 100 personnel. It can be used to operate from semi-prepared airstrips with little infrastructure or conduct airdrop of cargo by parachute.

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