Air Force outline fast jet operations at Evans Head Air Weapons Range February to June 2021

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The Royal Australian Air Force have outlined the planned operations for the next four months at Evans Head Air Weapons Range (EVDAWR) south of Evans Head township on the north coast of New South Wales.
Air Force currently operates F/A-18F Super Hornet from RAAF Base Amberley and last year began operating F-35A Lightning II aircraft from RAAF Base Williamtown over the range. 
Commander of Air Combat Group, Air Commodore Tim Alsop said EVDAWR was tested and deemed suitable as a gunnery and bombing practice area for the F-35A Lightning II. 
“Fast jet military aircraft will conduct gunnery and bombing operations and also conduct low level flying during each mission within the range airspace,’’ AIRCDRE Alsop said.
The scheduled program for February to June includes:  
  • 8 -12 February – F-35A Lightning II
  • 15 – 19 March - F/A 18F Super Hornet
  • 17 – 21 May - F-35A Lightning II
The 82 Wing Training Flight will operate F/A-18F Super Hornets over the range for dry strafe and application for a few of the days of the scheduled operations.  The range overwater areas will not need to be closed.
AIRCDRE Alsop said aircraft would not use the range every day for training activities.  Training activities can involve up to two waves/day application pattern and live strafe and involve lasers. 
“Local residents are advised access to the range (land areas) remains restricted regardless of any activities being conducted.  This is due to the historical use of the range and the possibility of unexploded ordnance remaining at the site,” he said.
For safety reasons, the Southern DPA (overwater) will be closed from 10am to 5pm during those weeks of F-35A operations.
“Residents are advised operations on the range can change due to weather or other operational considerations so people are advised to heed the closure of the range overwater areas from 10am to 5pm,” he said.
Air Force appreciates the ongoing input and long standing support the local community provides in terms of our operations,’’ AIRCDRE Alsop said.
The Evans Head Evans Head Air Weapons Range Community Advisory Panel has been advised of these activities.
“Defence personnel display Red Flags whenever live firing activities are conducted and carry out patrols to ensure people don’t stray into the area,” he said.
For a copy of the overwater DPA map and GPS co-ordinates please refer to the Defence website here and go to Ops Near Me Evans Head tab.
For F-35A images go here.
For F/A-18F images go here.

Information on aircraft noise and current flying activities is available at, or by calling 1300 DEFENCE (1300 333 362)