Hornets to conduct diversion training to Tamworth Airport

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Two Air Force F/A-18A/B Hornet aircraft will conduct instrument landing approaches to Tamworth Airport this evening between 8.45pm and 10pm.

The Hornets will conduct circuit training including ‘touch-and-go’ landings.  The ability to land at alternate airfields is an essential part of pilot training on the Hornet aircraft.

Residents should note that the date and time for this activity are subject to variables including weather and operational availability, and may change.

The activity is being conducted by No. 2 Operational Conversion Unit (2OCU), which is the RAAF’s Hornet training squadron where junior pilots progress through their operational conversion training. Tamworth is one of the primary diversion airfields for RAAF Base Williamtown.

An Instrument Landing System (ILS) approach assists pilots to land at night or in poor weather conditions.

Noise reduction and the environment are vital considerations in the planning and conduct of military activity, and Air Force appreciates the ongoing support of the Tamworth community during these training activities.

For further information on RAAF Williamtown flying activities, members of the community are encouraged to contact 1300 DEFENCE (1300 333 362) and ask to be connected to RAAF Base Williamtown or log on to the Operations Near Me website to see updates on Hawk/Hornet aircraft diversions. 

Information on aircraft noise and current flying activities is available at http://www.defence.gov.au/aircraftnoise, or by calling 1300 DEFENCE (1300 333 362)