F-35A Taking off


Is Air Force still looking for ideas to celebrate the centenary?

Air Force conducted formal public consultation in early 2016. This attracted more than 320 submissions. We considered all ideas against our key planning criteria: safety, value for money, and creating maximum effect.

We still welcome comments or ideas for 2021. You can email: airforce.2021 [at] defence.gov.au (subject: Ideas%20to%20celebrate%20the%20Airforce%20centenary)

Will there be centenary events in every State and Territory?

As part of the 2021 program, Air Force is planning to have a major presence at some significant public events in every State and Territory. We will meet State and Territory Government representatives to discuss options.

Regional and community engagement will be important aspects of our centenary. Some Air Force 100 initiatives will reach parts of regional and rural Australia that do not see Air Force very often. 

When will Air Force release a schedule of events for 2021?

Air Force is continuing to explore options for centenary activities. The schedule will be based on the themes from the public consultation period, and discussions with a range of stakeholders, including Defence industry, State and Territory Government tourism, and major events agencies.

As initiatives for 2021 are confirmed, we will announce them. Stay updated by visiting this website. You can also sign up to receive our updates by emailing:  airforce.2021 [at] defence.gov.au