Members of the public looking at various aircraft during Pitch Black 16

In 2016, Air Force reached out to the Australian community and asked for your ideas and input on the best ways to mark this special occasion. We received more than 320 suggestions. 

The most popular themes from the public consultation were:

Airshow, flypasts and displays: Air Force will be at the Australian International Airshow in 2021. We’re also planning a series of high profile flying displays for major public events, including Australia Day and ANZAC Day.

Regional and community engagement: An important part of our centenary will be recognising the close bonds between Air Force and the communities near our bases. Additionally, some Air Force 100 initiatives will reach parts of regional and remote Australia that do not see Air Force very often.

Youth engagement programs:  A major focus for the centenary will be to actively engage and inspire young people. We will do so through youth programs that foster a passion for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).
Documentaries and multimedia: Air Force’s first 100 years is full of remarkable stories of bravery, dedication and innovation. We are considering the best ways to tell these stories. This includes public exhibitions and cultural initiatives, such as documentaries and special publications.
History and heritage: Air Force 100 will highlight RAAF’s proud heritage. We received many public submissions related to the birthplace of Air Force: Point Cook. This is the oldest continuously operating military airfield in the world. We’re looking at options to recognise the significant role of Point Cook throughout our history and today.