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The Centenary will be an important time to acknowledge and honour the dedication and sacrifice of generations of Australians who have served in Air Force since 1921. 

More than 11,100 RAAF members have died protecting our nation, most in WWII. We honour their sacrifice and always remember that every one of them left behind a family and friends.

Air Force veterans range in age from their early 20s to their 90s and there is a very small group aged 100 or more. Our veterans have served across Australia and around the world in many different roles: from warfighting, peace keeping, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief and on exchange with other militaries. During 2021, we will bring you some of their unique and fascinating stories.  

The Centenary campaign aims to ensure all Air Force veterans and their families have an opportunity to be involved in a commemorative activity. We will update this website as events are confirmed.

To connect with the centenary planning team and receive our updates, email: RAAF.2021 [at]