A Pilot showing a boy how to use virtual reality

Youth engagement

A major element of our centenary year will be looking to the future. Air Force’s second century will be very different to the first 100 years. Some of the air and space capabilities that we will operate in future will be beyond what could have been imagined just one generation ago.

Our centenary will be a time to engage with young people, demonstrate how Air Force is evolving and broaden understanding about the range of opportunities in our future networked force. Youth engagement activities will be a centrepiece of our centenary year and will aim to inspire interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). We are currently exploring options for youth engagement initiatives in metropolitan and regional areas and we will update this page as activities are confirmed.

The Australian Air Force Cadets will feature prominently in many of our centenary initiatives. The AAFC is a youth development organisation which conducts a range of activities including powered flying, gliding, adventure training and navigation exercises. It aims to foster qualities including leadership, loyalty, communication and teamwork. The AAFC provides skills that are important in any career.

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