Commander's intent

Air Marshal Leo Davies, AO, CSC was appointed Chief of Air Force on 4 July 2015. On that day, he outlined his intentions for the Air Force during his tenure.

“I am both deeply honoured and immensely proud to take command of the Royal Australian Air Force, especially as we continue down the path of transformation into a truly joint force able to fight and win in the information age. I am the 25th Chief of Air Force, and I am acutely aware of the long traditions of service, sacrifice and professional and personal excellence that I inherit.
The achievements of Air Force and its people over the last 94 years provides the foundation for both our performance today and, more importantly, for our successful journey into the future.
Today, the Air Force stands at the cusp of the most significant technological and capability transformation in its history. I therefore want to outline my intent for Air Force and how we will all contribute to: Our Air Force - Potent, Competent, Effective and Essential.”
Air Marshal Leo Davies, AO, CSC


Air Marshal Davies' priorities for Air Force are that we will:

  • Continue to provide outstanding, world's best air power options to Government and Joint Force Commanders.
  • Provide our people with the best possible work environment and manage them to achieve the best Service and individual outcomes.
  • Ensure our people have both the required technical mastery to support and operate our advanced air power systems and the professional mastery to ensure that our systems are utilised to best joint effect.
  • Provide the best support to, and integrate to best effect with our joint, allied and coalition partners.
  • Fully understand, and be able to cogently explain, as an organisation and individuals, air power and its vital role in national security and the joint team.
  • Transform Air Force through the implementation of Plan Jericho.