The Defence Space Strategy sets the trajectory for Defence space efforts to 2040, building on the 2020 Defence Strategic Update, Force Structure Plan and Defence Transformation Strategy. 
It describes the strategic context in the space environment, articulates the vision and mission for the space domain and explores the underpinning objectives to assure Australian civil and military access to space, integrated across Government, and in concert with our allies, international partners and industry. 
The Strategy identifies five lines of effort to:  
  1. Enhance Defence’s space capability to assure Joint Force access in a congested and contested space environment 
  2. Deliver military effects integrated across Whole of Government and with allies and partners in support of Australia’s national security  
  3. Increase the national understanding of the criticality of space  
  4. Advance Australia’s sovereign space capability to support the development of a sustainable national space enterprise 
  5. Evolve the Defence Space Enterprise to ensure a coherent, efficient and effective use of the space domain.  
Many of the lines of effort have a time horizon within the next five years. The immediate priority for Defence is to better integrate the many diverse elements of space capability.