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EDGY Air Force is a Jericho Air Force accelerator program that will help design, prototype and fund next gen capability from our airmen.

EDGY Air Force is about developing agility, creativity and innovation at every level in our force. The people who know our capability needs best are those that fly our planes, maintain our technology, secure our bases and work across the incredible breadth of our force.

EDGY Air Force will move around various bases and Air Force training centres. The program has three main parts:

1. IGNITE - a festival of edgy ideas and tech to inspire with the art of the possible

2. CO-DESIGN – a three-day University of Sydney design thinking, prototyping and pitching workshop to bring ideas to life

3. ACCELERATE – Support to further prototype, test and accelerate ideas. Winning ideas will receive funding and be off-ramped to capability development.

The whole program will be supported by an online platform to help airmen ideate, create and prototype their idea.

Next steps for Airmen

Do you have an idea that will enhance the fifth-generation impact in a Joint Force?

Do you have ideas to tackle our most pressing readiness and national-security challenges?

Do you want your idea funded and brought to life?

Jericho will help you refine your problem, test, prototype and fund your ideas. We will connect you with inventive solutions from individuals, start-ups, small business, large enterprises, academia and research labs in the most collaborative way possible to solve your problem at the speed of relevance.

Find out more

Warrant Officer Nicholas Stubbs-Race, Plan Jericho

plan.jericho [at] defence.gov.au