Jericho implementation model

Plan Jericho will lead the Air Force’s exploration of its edges and accelerate the realisation of the opportunities that lie beyond.

Partnerships are how the Air Force will find and realise the potential that lies at and beyond its edges. In creating these partnerships, we firstly need to consider how airmen and women get their ideas realised, their problems solved, or build links with people who can help solve their problems. This will be achieved by creating an ecosystem in which good ideas from everywhere - internal and external – respond to military problems by translating and accelerating leading-edge knowledge and thinking into defence capability.

Partnerships with industry, academia, and broader society to support, inform and enable the rapid exploration and realisation of ideas of researchers, innovators, and entrepreneurs are essential. Equally as important are structures that facilitate Air Force entrepreneurship and reduce and remove barriers to collaboration to improve the speed and quality of response to emerging situations.

Plan Jericho will be re-oriented to provide infrastructure and services that make it easier for the Air Force to build partnerships across organisations and access the expertise and resources necessary to rapidly understand and exploit opportunities.

The Jericho Edge team is the hub of the Air Force’s fifth-generation edge exploration, engaging across Air Force and its partners to identify, and make sense of, opportunities. The Jericho Edge team accelerates these efforts by convening communities across organisations to discover, test, and prototype opportunities and explore problem areas. This team also supports the development of pathways to realise edge opportunities.

The Jericho Analytics team provides facilitation and analysis that support the rapid and rigorous discovery and testing of ideas and insights. A range of proven methods such as net assessment, wargaming, and red teaming enhance the Air Force’s ability to rapidly understand and test the potential of opportunities, and to identify problems that require new thinking.

The Jericho Labs will provide physical space and equipment that supports the rapid collaborative discovery, testing, and prototyping of opportunities, including ideas and technologies. The Jericho Labs will form the physical cores of Jericho’s partnering networks with universities and industry across Australia.

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