Plan Jericho’s augmented intelligence approach is based on the premise that we need to think differently to achieve and maintain our combat edge in a fifth-generation paradigm.

An integral part to achieving this combat edge is strengthening our intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities to provide our forces with comprehensive situational awareness. Accordingly, Air Force’s advanced sensing capacity will be enhanced through greater access to strengthened analytical capability, enhanced support and space-based capabilities.

Space situational awareness is an important part of Plan Jericho’s augmented intelligence approach, with an advanced sensor line of effort. The purpose is to enhance the quality and resilience of our fifth-generation force’s situational awareness by increasing sensor diversity and sensing performance in difficult environments. Through this effort, the Air Force will explore new approaches to detect and track challenging targets in difficult environments from multiple perspectives.

SpaceFest 2019 is an opportunity to bring together many game-changing and passionate Australian companies, start-ups, academics and international partners to to evaluate the current and future state of exemplar SSA sensor systems in order to assess the options for future capability acquisition projects.

SpaceFest was held on the Woomera Test Range at Coondambo, South Australia from 18-29 March 2019.

You can read the Minister for Defence's Media Release on his page.

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