Aviation Candidate Management Centre (ACMC)

Located at RAAF Base East Sale, the ACMC is part of the Air Force’s Personnel Branch and is not involved in training.  It is responsible for the Human Resource Management (HRM) of Officer Aviation candidates (OACs) throughout the entire attraction, selection and training process (through to the end of their initial specialist employment training and they are contributing to Australia Air Power).  As the ACMC is located at RAAF Base East Sale and deals only with OACs, the ACMC will facilitate an effective partnership between Defence Force Recruiting, the Air Academy and the air arms of the Navy and Army. To reflect the ACMC’s HRM emphasis rather than training, the ACMC refers to personnel as candidates while the Air Academy refers to the same personnel as trainees. 

The Army and Navy have sections within their own Personnel Branches to manage their trainees.

Aside from the core role of managing RAAF OACs, the ACMC also coordinates the Aviation Screening Program, which is part of the Officer Aviation Selection Process, and the Aviation Motivation Program which is designed to promote aviation.